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In 2001 Jeffery Yau set out to redefine eyewear in Asia. Before then, glasses were considered more of a necessity. But with a simple question Mr. Yau would usher in the high-end optical market.

“Why is eyewear purely functional when it can also be the most prominent accessory of expression?”

Over time, what was once seen as luxury became necessity for the fashionable, and today the Puyi Group has developed Asia’s most groundbreaking collection of eyewear boutiques.

Headquartered in the gateway city of Hong Kong, Asia’s most international city, we’ve expanded throughout Mainland China overtime spreading Mr. Yau’s optical fashion values.

From ideal to passion

“Luxury does not call for extravagance. Luxury lies in the prestige of an experience.”


The Puyi story began long before its founding in 2001.

At an early age, Jeffery Yau apprenticed with his father in the luxury accessory market. And in his years he came to realise that there was neither prestige nor uniqueness in the luxury eyewear experience – and therein lay the untapped potential of the luxury optical market.

With that spark of inspiration, the Puyi journey began and since then we have been in constant pursuit of “the prestige of an experience”. Along the way, we created an ethos which has come to underline everything we do - Anticipate, Aspire and Inspire.

It has defined our passion for perfection in providing the best in eyewear and service to our clientele.


DEDICATION AND DEVOTION - In the journey to realize the vision of Jeffery Yau, Puyi has painstakingly created services that go above and beyond the ordinary to ensure our clientele’s every need is met.

VISION SERVICES -  In-boutique eye exams by registered optometrists ensure that your eyewear works as well as it looks.

PERSONAL SHOPPER - Style professionals help you select frames – from a vast collection of brands – to perfectly match your personality.

KIDS CORNER - Located at Puyi 1881 and Lee Gardens, KIDS CORNERs provide comprehensive children’s vision services to keep your child’s eyes healthy.

EXCLUSIVES - Our more prestigious clients receive special offers, gifts and invites to previews and exclusive events.

PUYI 1881

PUYI 1881

The one. The only

Situated in the historic 1881 Heritage, our flagship boutique showcases highly sought after fashion glasses, vintage styles and the rarest of limited editions, making Puyi 1881 the most prestigious luxury optical retail experience in Asia.

The panoramic glass roof of The Garden Room floods the show floor with natural light, creating the perfect backdrop to peruse the unique selection of sunglasses.

For the man of distinction and taste, The Puyi Salon features a comprehensive display of all-time favourites, soon-to-be classics and antique glasses.

The charmingly crafted Red Chamber, dotted with exquisite decor and draped in shades of red and gold, is a sight to behold. The ambiance welcomes women of elegance looking for the perfect frame.



The first of its kind

As our inaugural line of boutiques, Puyi Optical was our first foray into introducing a prestigious eyewear shopping experience to Asia.

Every boutique is enveloped in a contemporary East meets West ambiance that has been inspired by the refined nobility associated to our name - Puyi. At the heart of every show floor is an exquisite showcase that guides you on your journey through the boutiques.

Leisurely peruse the showroom or let our specialists pick the perfect pair from a collection of limited editions and precious frames made from the rarest of luxury materials. What’s more every boutique has registered professional optometrists at your service.

Puyi Optical has won praise from consumers and brands alike and has become one of the few Preferred Eyewear Retailers for major luxury brands in Asia.

Experience Puyi in Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and many more leading cities in Mainland China.



A frame of mind

From trendsetting fashion houses to en vogue emerging names, Glasstique offers a myriad of frames that let you express your vigour and personality.

Our style assistants will help you navigate through the diverse and dazzling collection to find the frame that'll complete your look.

Since Glasstique came onto the scene in 2005, its uniquely cool and chic aesthetic has won fans across Asia. Showrooms are now mainstays for the fashionable in Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR, Beijing, Chengdu and Shenzhen to name a few.



Modern flair

Especially created for the youthful fashion-forward, O-O shops carry frames for those looking to break from the contemporary without sacrificing their relaxed fashion sense.

The airy open-space concept invites clientele to wander freely and explore the collection of original, active lifestyle brands. All while striking splashes of colour create a fun shopping experience for all.



Luxe treasury

Only the most prestigious brands handcrafted with the most precious materials are put in our VAULT.

VAULT, the first global new concept boutique by Puyi Optical, continues the group’s undertaking to push luxury eyewear retailing forward. Inspired by the traditional vault door, the intriguing shop front design leads customers into a treasure vault of eyewear. Exquisite and rare styles, as well as prestigious collections from around the world are kept in more than hundred vault safes and only shown to those in the know. The elegant store design together with superb quality products, deliver a truly unique shopping experience to our esteemed customers.



Delivering stylish eyewear and capturing the spirit of modern gentlemen, POINT DE VUE (French of “Point of view”) is the latest concept store introduced by Puyi Optical.

Located at “Landmark Men,” the men’s floor of Landmark mall, the shop exudes masculine charm with its gents’ eyewear selection and the shop environment.

Harmonious colors and vivid decorations are combined to highlight the shop’s simple yet retro style. Inspired by the gentlemen’ sophisticated dressing manner and their monocle of the 18th century, the idea of “His Opinion”, “His Taste” and “His Style” are integrally conveyed, so as to reach the notion of “POINT DE VUE”.



Here, you can find the perfect pair of eyewear that mirrors your unique view of the world.

Reflections brings a new dimension to the way you see your life. A brand new concept dedicated to women, Reflections is where glass, nature and eyewear surround and delight you, with a golden glow warming your senses. It is a place where you can reflect on who you are and how you want to be seen.

GENTLE MONSTER HONG KONG FLAGSHIP - “THE TRAIN” at Lan Fong Road Causeway Bay by Puyi Optical



Bringing an avant-garde and distinctive style to various cities, GENTLE MONSTER’s creative team is fascinated by Hong Kong’s charm as an international metropolis that is known for her mesmerizing and mysterious night scene. This East-meets-West city is also like a train platform that brings together people and cultures from all over the world, fostering numerous cultural exchanges. Inspired by these elements, the new flagship resembles a train speeding through the midnight darkness from the outside with windows furnished as train windows, fueling the excitement for the amazing journey ahead.

The store consists of five zones related to a train station, including the “Train Compartment”, “Bedroom”, “Powder Room”, “The Platform” and “Leisure Zone”. As soon as they cross the threshold, customers will find themselves walking through the train carriages with walls lined with suitcases, and even seem to be able to hear the fascinating stories of passengers who have been to the most exotic places.

The Train Compartment inspired by the vintage décor features booth seats and tables full of exquisite ornaments and cutlery, while the elegantly appointed Bedroom has the classic luggage racks, sleepers, beds, drawers and desks. The Powder Room re-creates the functional space with refined flooring, a washbasin, mirrors and makeup items. Imitating a crowded platform, the fourth zone set with a big clock, wooden benches, vintage telephone box, photo booth and ticket office will let you savour the inspiring encounter of cultures. Located on the other side of the store is the spacious Leisure Zone allows customers to admire the trendsetting GENTLE MONSTER frames in an artistic and cozy environment dotted with greenery.

The creative theme of a train station and the charming ornaments perfectly showcase the ingenious designs of GENTLE MONSTER and the brand’s original interpretation of different cultures.



Absolutely fabulous

Linda Farrow is synonymous with eyewear that tests the boundaries of style.

Originally a fashion designer, she was one of the first to treat sunglassess as an imperative part of fashion and in 1970 she unleashed her creative vision on the world through her aptly-named brand - Linda Farrow. The brand’s experimental and "too edgy for some" designs rose quickly to acclaim and proved to become instant classics.

Our Hong Kong Linda Farrow store, opened in partnership with the brand Linda Farrow in May 2012, is the first standalone Linda Farrow store in the world which showcases the most unique pieces from the brand’s range of eyewear.



The Legacy of Luxury Eyewear

LOTOS was founded in Pforzheim, southern Germany in 1872, where it was renowned for manufacturing unique and prestigious jewelry, that spoke for itself the “City of Gold”. It is a traditional handmade jewelry brand established by the Schmitt family. LOTOS has its own gold atelier in Germany and it has been creating precious and rare jewelry for over 140 years. Due to its extraordinary craftsmanship and unique design, LOTOS’s specialties have been collected by numerous royal families and nobles in Europe for over decades.

Inspired by the value of precious & rare metal, LOTOS inherited from its own family treasure of making many unique and innovative masterpieces. This has given us an immeasurable asset of traditional craftsmanship & perpetuating heritage. The only way to keep such passion for handcrafting art, from generation to generation, is to sustain the core value of our brand – supreme quality with limited production.

The first Asian boutique of LOTOS has honorably opened in Shanghai namely one of the country’s cultural treasures, continues the brand’s legend in the far east regions. The operator is Puyi Optical .