Offer a new approach for better vision
to enjoy clearer vision with better contrast.

Anamnesis personal profile

Together with you, discuss the current visual condition and determine the desire performance of the new glasses to ensure better vision.

Objective refraction

Objective refraction is fast and precise with i.Profiler®plus, which provides you with an optical “fingerprint” of your vision and opens the gate to i.Scription® technology for customized ZEISS lenses. Use the data generated with i.Profiler®plus to ask fewer questions and give you more answers.

Subjective refraction

i.Polatest® has brought vision testing instrument into a new era. Perform effecient visual acuity tests and assess coordination ability between both eyes using i.Polatest®.

Selecting the right frame

Not only are the lenses important, so is the frame. We will help you find a frame that fits your face profile and lifestyle best.

Frame and centration measurement

Capture your face contour, distance of pupils and frame data accuractely in less than a minute by using the i.Terminal® 2. This will optimize your visual experience and provide a fully customized pair of lenses.

Lens selection

Based on the results of your tests, identify and recommend the ZEISS lens model which suits your visual requirements best. The ordering process is fast, easy and secure.

Deliver better vision

New pair of ZEISS spectacles has been tailored to your specific visual requirements to ensure full satisfaction and a premium experience

Precise German Technology of i.Profiler®plus

Both eyes' refractive power distribution is analyzed approximately in 60 seconds.

Light Beam Test

It takes just a few seconds to adopt 1500 sample points. This is the key to determine an accurate profile of your optical performance day and night.

i.Scription® technology

Innovative, patented algorithm, combines the subjective refraction values and i.Profiler®plus data, tailor making the individualized ZEISS lenses.

You benefit from


Better Night Vision

Looking directly at a light source at night, such as car headlights, results in glare and halo effects. i.Scription® technology provides a considerable improvement on your night and low-light vision quality.


Better Visual Contrast

Seeing contrast, such as white letters on a black background, is especially challenging for the eyes. i.Scription® technology sharpens contrast.


Better Color Vision

i.Scription® technology adds more brilliance to life and lets you see colors as they really are: brighter and more intense.

80% users of ZEISS i.Scription® enjoy the more comfortable.
More than 66% users of i.Scription® enjoy clearer vision.
60% users of i.Scription® agree the technique allow them to see clearer at night.

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Online Booking

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