In-store measures

Puyi Group is dedicated to providing you with the best possible environment for shopping and eye examinations. To ensure the utmost level of safety and hygiene, we have implemented the following measures in all of our stores in Hong Kong:

• When entering the store, customers must undergo a temperature check, disinfect their hands with sanitiser, and wear a face mask.

• All Puyi staff are required to wear surgical face masks while at work.

• All of our in-store equipment and eye examination rooms are regularly disinfected every two hours.

• Before each eye examination, our optometrist will re-sanitise the examination tools and equipment again to ensure your peace of mind.

Anti-pandemic Kit

To ensure that our valued customers enjoy a comfortable and safe visual care experience, from today, customers who shop at Puyi Optical stores can receive a complimentary anti-pandemic kit with any purchase.

Anti-pandemic kit includes:

1. ZEISS lens cleaning wipes: These wipes are designed to clean and sterilise your lenses without damaging their coatings.

2. Anti-fog optical cloth: Ultra fine quality from Korea. Wipe your lenses with the cloth before putting on your glasses, for an anti-fog effect that lasts 8-10 hours and will not damage your lenses.

3. Special-edition mask case: For optimal hygiene and protection, be sure to disinfect your hands before storing your mask in this case or retrieving it, and always clean the case after every use.


If your frame includes precious materials like horn or gold, please bring it to a Puyi Optical store, where our staff will be happy to professionally clean and maintain it for you.

Cleaning Your Frame

The frame of your glasses is the scaffolding that supports your lenses. Improper maintenance can lead to deformation, damage and diminished comfort. Since lenses and frames are made of very different materials, they often need to be cleaned separately.

We've compiled a list of procedures and products to help you sanitise and care for your eyewear effectively and safely.

Ultrasonic cleaner (appropriate for both frames and lenses)

The easiest way to clean and sanitise your eyeglasses is via an ultrasonic cleaner, either at home or at a Puyi Optical store.


Add water and 1-2 drops of mild detergent to the machine. The ultrasonic waves will remove stains and dirt trapped in the gaps and hidden parts of your eyeglasses. To avoid deforming or aging the metal parts of your frame, do not soak your eyewear in the ultrasonic cleaner for more than five minutes. Afterwards, rinse your glasses under running water and dry them with an optical cloth.

If you do not have an ultrasonic cleaner, you can soak an optical cloth in water with 1-2 drops of mild detergent, then wipe your glasses with it. Rinse the glasses under running water, always moving in one direction, and then dry it with another optical cloth. Hold the frame firmly but carefully throughout the whole process to make sure it does not become warped or damaged.

Eyewear Sanitisation

1) Wipe your eyewear with alcohol-free germ-killing wipes.

2) Wipe the frame with an optical cloth soaked in diluted disinfectant, then rinse it with water and wipe it dry using a second, clean optical cloth.

To enhance hygiene and wearing comfort, be sure to wash the temples and nose pads to remove oily dirt.


• If your frame is made with precious metals, horn, wood or diamonds, please do not wash it yourself. Instead, bring it to a Puyi Optical store, where our staff will professionally clean and maintain it for you.

• If your frame is made with acetate, do not soak it in liquid for long periods of time to avoid deformation.

Lens Cleaning

During pandemic prevention, it's especially important to pay special care to hygiene in everyday life, especially when it comes to cleaning personal belongings such as eyewear or mobile phones. By comprehensively disinfecting your lenses, you can reduce the chance of bacterial transmission. However, it's important to clean them carefully, to preserve maximum wearing comfort.

How should I clean my lenses?

We recommend that you use ZEISS lens cleaning wipes, which contain 50% isopropyl alcohol, making them effective for sterilising lenses. To use them properly, follow these steps:

To better protect your eyeglasses, please observe the following:

1. To prevent your frame from deforming or breaking, always hold the temples with both hands when removing your eyeglasses.
2. Remove dust and debris from the lenses first, to avoid scratching them while using a cleaning wipe.
3. Be sure to gently wipe both sides of the lenses in a circle when sterilising them.
4. To prevent scratches, store your eyeglasses in their case with the lenses facing up.
5. Wash your fabric cloth regularly but do not use a fabric softener, as it can scratch your lenses.


• Do not apply alcohol directly to your glasses.

• Lens cleaning wipes are best for disinfecting your lenses without damaging their coating.

• Do not use hot water, clothes, or tissues to wipe your lenses.

• Do not apply liquid soap to the surface of your lenses, as it can damage them.

• Do not use chemical products such as detergent or toothpaste to clean your lenses, as they can scratch them.

• Handle frames made of or embellished with rare materials such as horn, precious metals, wood and diamonds with extra care while cleaning.

Preventing Lens Fogging

During pandemic prevention, wearing glasses and a facemask for a long period of time can cause problems, because the air you exhale can escape through the gap in your mask and make your lenses fog up. This, in turn, can require you frequently to use your hands to adjust your mask, an unhygienic move that can easily spread germs.

How can I keep my glasses from fogging up?

1) Fold the top of your face mask

Fold the end with a metal wire down 1-2 cm to prevent exhaled air from hitting and fogging up your lenses.

2) Absorb moisture with a tissue inside your mask

Fold a tissue twice and put it over the bridge of your nose, inside your mask. Be sure to keep your nostrils clear to ensure smooth breathing. This tissue will cover the gap in your mask, absorbing moisture and preventing your lenses from fogging up.

Puyi's Specialised Anti-Fog Optical Cloth

You can also use Puyi’s recently launched anti-fog optical cloth to remove surface dirt from lenses while protecting them from fogging up.

Other anti-fog products on the market:

1. Anti-Fog 3D Face Mask

While not 100% anti-fog, this 3D face mask from Japan is effective and easy to use to help prevent fogging.

2. Anti-Fog Gel

You can use this made-in-Japan anti-fog gel on your lenses before you put on your mask to keep them from fogging up.

3. Anti-Fog Mask Sponge

Another Japanese product, this anti-fog mask sponge fills the gap between your face mask and the bridge of your nose to prevent fogging.

4. Anti-Fog Eyewear Wipes

Besides fighting fog, these wipes also clean and sanitise.