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Notch Up Your Look with CHAINS

Guide for Glasses Chains as the next hit in Styling

Glasses chains started as part of garments worn by the court nobles in the 19th century. It was once used as an elegant piece of accessory for glasses with a handle (Lorgnette, popular in the early 20th century) held by Queen Victoria. Lorgnette was originally created to allow royals and aristocrats to not have to wear glasses but held in the hand while remaining versatile. It later evolved together with glasses chains into fashion accessories that are widely adored by people of taste. Glasses chains have been revamped into becoming an indispensable statement jewelry in the world of styling. The ever-changing styles and material combinations of glasses chains rise as an eye-catcher among fashionistas, becoming an essential fashion element!


The skinny glasses chain is the perfect choice for first-time wearers. From round frames, aviator to cat-eye frames, skinny chain smoothly matches with any frame type you pick for the day.

The skinny chain hanging from the temples add a finishing touch to the overall look, giving a chic flair when paired with minimal style outfit. As a playful element, you can also take off the glasses chains and wear it as a necklace for extra personalization.


Apart from the classic, thin chains, those who'd like to explore and experiment can advance their interpretation with the following: With charms dangling off the glasses, it seeks a laid-back, deli-cate and precious kind of aesthetics. The dangle charms perfectly matches with sunglasses in me-tallic texture or strong lines, balancing the Yin and Yang of beauty.

A thin chain next to the temples might not be striking, but it serves as the best reflection of your attentive and modest thoughts for your daily styling.


Apart from exaggerated earrings, the other accessory that rose so quickly to its popularity this year is the thick, chunky glasses chains. Thick chains can be made of plastic, nylon, braids, and a variety of materials, match easily with the popular small-framed sunglasses, giving a futuristic touch to the overall look.

Major fashion brands have started to embrace this style in their collection, taking up the new styling challenge in the accelerating high-end fashion world. It’s time to get rid of the obsolete structure and let your experimental, daring fashion stance shine.


To style your glasses chains with fun, ease and stability, wear your chains behind your neck. Pair it with a classic outfit, such as a boxy suit jacket with plain top, or unisex outfits. Grasp your chic thin glasses chains with any glasses and add another dimension to your fashion style.


Other than hanging the glasses chains behind your neck, we could follow fashionista by letting the pendant gently falls along the ears and chest. For a more daring look, choose an oversized, chunky chain. Might as well just go for it and amuse yourself in the joy of fashion of styling!