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Dedicated to delivering exquisite eyewear, 2020EYEhaus creates luxury stores in fashion hubs like Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung. With its elite professional optical services, the brand stands as an authoritative icon in eyewear fashion.

2020EYEhaus offers top brands from around the world, including the world-renowned German design label ic! berlin and the genius Japanese eyewear brand 999.9, as well as a range of trendsetting brands such as Los Angeles’ premiere celebrity brand DITA, which rocks the world with its retro designs; New York fashion giant THOM BROWNE, always at the forefront of high fashion; British luxury and celebrity brand LINDA FARROW; and more. Through its diverse range of extraordinary styles and designs, 2020EYEhaus raises the bar on high-end eyewear fashion.