999.9 (pronounced Four Nines) is a Japanese eyewear brand born in September 1995. Its name refers to the quality identification of pure gold. As the name reminds us, Four Nines always strives towards the perfection of 1,000. By making the best use of a material's nature in designing and adopting variety of glasses and sunglasses collections, the brand realises an added level of comfortable wear. “Perfection” is more than just producing high quality products. This is why Four Nines places equal importance on shop image and its staffs’ skill level. Four Nines creates eyewear based on the idea, “Glasses should be fine tools”. Fine comfort, strong and durable, easy to adjust. Four Nines’ immaculate comfort is the result of the effort put into design and function that corresponds to every factor necessary for glasses to work as a tool to correct vision. The final design results from the compatibility of both form and function. That is 999.9.
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