In 1972, EYEVAN conceptualised "eyewear as a fashion item". So when the Optec Japan design team rediscovered hand-written drawings and archived designs in storage, they were delighted to unveil Japan's distinguished technologies, creativity and the enthusiasm of craftsmen from those days of yore. "EYEVAN 7285" is inspired by EYEVAN products and concepts between when it was launched in 1972 and its global debut in 1985, spanning the brand’s overall philosophical outlook. It is for this reason that the team has respectfully decided to name this line "EYEVAN 7285". The collection revives the essence of "EYEVAN CRAFT", reimagining parts and designs used at the time, while updating details and altering sizes to suit the mores of modern fashion, as well as creating new shapes based on EYEVAN's classic styles.

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