Founded and established in 2015 by Maria Luisa Leitao, the eponymous label LUISA LEITAO was born out of the meticulous spirit for amicable avant-garde details and audacious takes on craftsmanship. Inspired by the vast array of exclusive stories from individuals throughout Luisa’s career as a presenter, LUISA LEITAO executes collections with bold characteristic designs that always keep the stories behind each piece close. The LUISA LEITAO sunglasses collection is the first release from this inspired accessories brand. Following a bespoke production process, the sculptural aesthetic styles serve as the foundation for the distinctive and renewed perspective on this everyday accessory. Boundary-pushing and intricate craftsmanship fused with sensible design principles form aesthetically mature, wearable and bold pieces. From carefully disciplined frame silhouettes to subverted lens sizing and proportions, the collections offer a new take on exclusive design sophistication.
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