You: A boss-ass lady and a free spirit, who knows herself and dreams big. Us: A brand that takes care of the little details, so you can focus on the bigger picture. FOR ART’S SAKE is an independent design and lifestyle brand based in London. We create products that consider every detail—from gorgeous design, to luxurious packaging—so that you can focus on conquering the world whilst looking effortlessly fashionable. With your busy schedule, we understand that you can’t consider everything at once! With FOR ART’S SAKE, you don’t have to think twice about wardrobe malfunctions or discomforts. ‘Effortless fashion’ can indeed be effortless. We’ll sort it. ;) Every single one of our sunglasses are lovingly handmade, provide 100% UV protection, and are so lightweight, you’ll almost forget they’re there on your face.
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For Art's Sake

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