German eyewear designer Wolfgang Proksch, creator of the “new teardrop” form, is regarded as one of the industry’s most influential designers. In 1995, he licensed his name “PROKSCH’S” to Kaneko in Japan, where the synergy between his unabashedly straightforward style and Japan’s famed drive for quality gave his products a unique radiance. He then transformed the label into "WOLFGANG PROKSCH", independent from Kaneko. WOLFGANG PROKSCH specialises in small batches of limited-edition, premier quality eyewear. The line’s extraordinary character comes from its embrace of “classic modernism” with an avant-garde twist, Japanese engineering and skilled craftsmanship. A significant style element is the protected elastic revolute joint — Touch Hinge, which creates a uniquely balanced spring effect. Only the best materials, such as Japanese-sourced titanium and acetate, are used in producing the glasses, in order to achieve Proksch’s hallmark excellent haptics and visibly exquisite surface aesthetics.
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