GENTLE MONSTER・Keung To・The Attitude

Keung To・The Attitude

Encountering difficulties is part of the process of self-improvement.

Join Keung To at GENTLE MONSTER K11 MUSEA Flagship Store “The Midnight Feast” to discover your true self and reinvent.

Ignite your potential and face greater challenges.

See what you can discover in an inner dialogue. Become happier and stronger knowing what you can be. Keung To lives this mantra as he strives to create more phenomenal music each day.

“Be fearless, be yourself”

Be fearless and “be yourself” with Keung To, with variety of styles!

2021 Collection of Gentle Monster "UNOPENED: THE PROBE" depicts the moment when the two divergent worlds encounter, exploring the uncanny sensation of time, interconnecting misaligned presence.

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