Hottest item in 2021: Masks or glasses?

Winning 4 awards, Queen of R&B Beyoncé stormed the 2021 Grammy once again! Nothing can stop Beyoncé from standing out from the crowd.

Although masks has covered her face, it fails to cover her strong temperament. Beyoncé wore a black gathered leather mini dress from Schiaparelli haute couture custom made for Queen B, amplifying her diva vibe. The mask synchronized perfectly with her cat eye shaped sunglasses and monster-size earrings accessories. Another Beyonce’s Grammy classic.


Masks are so integrated into our everyday life right now. To make it become less boring, sunglasses might be the answer. This trend has been emerging in the fashion industry for some time. Balenciaga demonstrates the combination of black sunglasses with black masks to illustrate brand’s 2021 Spring/Summer Paris Street nightwalker series.

Jessica Testa from the “New York Times” explained the current trend of using sunglasses with masks “...since then, masks have been much more integrated into our lives and wardrobes. This is a chance to respond to the world we’re living in, which is what fashion should do.”

The trend doesn’t only belongs to the celebrities, it is not high-end exclusive. For the general public, a pair of catchy glasses to shift the focus can act as a compensation of the covered makeup.

Wanna catch up the new fashion movement and the hippest trend in 2021? Tired of the boring masks that destroys your makeup? PUYI VIBES here presents you some fresh ideas, introducing the three styles of glasses which fits your masks best.


The latest optical glasses series launched by major brands is the go-to choices for chic stylish office workers who pursue a smart and dashing style. Creating a classy, elegant feeling through different style of design aesthetics. Falls into the category of refreshing must have items!


Who said that wearing a mask must keep a low profile? Summer is coming, prepare yourself with a pair of eye-catching colourful sunglasses with the dazzling, playful lens design, it matches perfectly with the sunshine vitality! Melt your heart with pearls, havana, golden Windsor rim, with a look in the eye, how can we not be fascinated.


To save the aura shadowed by the mask, a pair of classic black sunglasses definitely comes in handy. Fashion brands have launched their very own black sunglasses in the latest season, reinterpreting the classic design of this black frame with dark lenses through their own unique aesthetic style. No matter if you are a queen, a stylish woman or a sweet girl, a pair of black sunglasses can help you bloom with strong spirit and stance.