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For Art's Sake X

In times of struggle, it is important to satisfy our own desires and stay optimistic. Rewarding ourselves with a beloved item would be the perfect choice, offering a simple way to temporarily escape from reality and cheer ourselves up!

In their recent crossover, FOR ART’S SAKE and REFLECTIONS unveils the latest designer sunglasses, Perlette and Minette. The avant-grade design of the latest collaboration, transcends the eyewear into a piece of jewellery, making the cheeks glow vibrantly. It is always the right moment for the ladies to shine and liven up their everyday style, so negative emotions can be swept away during the gloomy times!

While social distancing is greatly emphasized, FaceTime has undoubtedly become a major platform for people to bond. FOR ART’S SAKE uses “FaceTime” as the main theme to highlight the popular idea of “selfies” as the concept of their new lookbook, to accentuate resonance in the collection.

Hi darling!

I need your help! There are two sunglasses that I really wanna buy.

Wow, they look gorgeous! I thought they look a bit over the top, but they seem easy to carry.

Which brand is it?

They are the latest crossover from FOR ART’S SAKE and REFLECTIONS

Perlette caught my eye right away

I really like the chain!!!

The temples look unique, seems like an asymmetric design!

I think you have made your choice!

Except for champagne gold, they also have other colours like pink and silver

Argh, it’s such a difficult choice! Im feeling split between both. There is another one that I really like as well.

It's the other style Minette

The boxy front looks very vintage

The profile of the eyewear’s silhouette looks so neat, highlighting the pearls at the end of the temples.

The pearls are just like earrings when you tie your hair up!

I like them both, what should I do???

Go ahead and buy them all!

Treat it as a gift to yourself

For Art's Sake X Reflections

Hurry and get yours today!