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Professionalism is our primary focus at Puyi Optical, and our vision care team offers the utmost in expertise when it comes to caring for your vision.

Our optometrists are a professional team from a diverse selection of knowledgeable backgrounds, whose skills and knowledge are further harnessed through Puyi Academy and overseas exchanges with world-class optical brands. We seek out those with a passion for detail and a heart to listen, as well as those with training on cutting-edge technologies. Each member of the team is licensed to practice optometry, giving us an impressive range of experts ready to create a personalised solution for each client.
We are also dedicated to creating a personal connection with you. Our optometrists are here to not only oversee exams and tests, but also to offer indispensable advice on all your vision needs as they observe and listen to you throughout the eye exam process. Whether it’s the complexities of eye analysis or details about products, or something as simple as recommendations for daily habits, no question is too great or too small at Puyi.