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Style with TRESBIND sunglasses down the streets of Tokyo

In 2020, Puyi Group collaborated with Japanese designer Eque.M, created new eyewear brand TRESBIND , reshaping the Pop Art style of the 1960s. TRESBIND has forged an indissoluble bond with Japan: their world-class craftsmanship, diverse culture, and the unique combination of colours in Japanese aesthetics are all infused into TRESBIND. It represents a whole new chimera for sunglasses design, condensing their wearer’s crave for Japanese culture, craft and trends into extraordinary eyewear designs.

As craft-savvy TRESBIND meets à la mode Tokyo, the city of fashon loved by countless around the world, the chemistry between the two is like a style collision, creating a new perspective in approaching fashion. We will roam through the streets of Tokyo and meet ten Japanese fashion influencers, who demonstrated their unique personalities and avant-garde spirit of the East, fully blooming in their self-innovative style, and interpret the infinite charm of TRESBIND's first series of sunglasses.

The Minimalist

“Street fashion” came from Hip-Hop culture from African-American in the US, and swept the streets of Tokyo with insane popularity in the late 1990s. Strolling in Tokyo, you find this city all-encompassing and diverse in styles: to embody fashion in a clean look and a pair of sunglasses. For minimal style lovers, check out the following tips on how your very own fashion statement could be express with a simple outfit.

IG: @akikoshinozaki

Akiko, fashion blogger from the streets of Tokyo, matched a minimalist outfit with KEITH-SS sunglasses. The blue lenses echoed with the blue-white stripes of her blouse, giving a soft twist on simplicity.

The KEITH series takes TRESBIND's iconic triangular frame as the main design element. The ultra-slim aviator frame enhances the classic style even further and ingeniously contours the face, making it an excellent choice for street styling.

IG: @takaoooh

The CANVAS-S-SCGG sunglasses styled by fashion blogger Takaoh feature a unique asymmetrical goggle design and eye-catching brown colour scheme. It  strikes a spark with the plain white outfit while maintaining the clean, minimalist attitude, revealing the charm of pure colour matching.

The CANVAS-S sunglasses series embodies both functionality and beauty. The frame is light, thin and sleek, and the frisky asymmetrical element adds layering to the overall look, perfectly fuse together street style and simple styling.

IG: @edo19950502

Fashion icon Edo styled a plain colour suit with a pair of COMIC I-MBSG. For Edo, the minimalist single-colour coordination is an attitude to life, and adding the small detail of a pair of stylish glasses to attract attention in the bustling streets of Tokyo.

COMIC I series combines gradient colour lenses with a chic flat frame design. The metal top bar across the front of the lens provokes curiosity for the passerby. The silhouette is unique, lightweight and comfortable, perfect for highlighting the wearer's personality.

IG: @maritzzzzzza_

The splendor of styling is embodied in every detail. Fashionista Marria styled a pair of popping GWHR-SPG sunglasses with a triple-colour outfit, which is bound to become the focus of the street.

The GWHR series, as one of TRESBIND’s flagship, took off from the cat-eye frame and created a new three-dimensional visual effect, effortlessly jewel the overall look.

The Contrast

Fashionistas on Tokyo’s streets love expressing themselves through bold colours. They are experts at creating strong visual impacts with a variety of colour combinations and contrasts, allowing them to constantly redefine their personalities throughout. The seemingly eclectic style is in fact highly original, bold and avant-garde, letting one’s true self to glow.

IG: @takuya.suggy

Styled by fashion blogger Suggy, The NEO-DADA-SCG is also an envoy of TRESBIND. The rectangular aviator frame is held together with a striking orange-red colour. The bold play of colour reveals an unruly attitude.

The NEO-DADA series uses clean and simple frame lines with gradient lenses to create a low-key yet extraordinary visual effect. The incisive and unique colour matching of the glasses makes it an excellent styling matérial for the wearer.

IG: @i._am_sarah

Colour matching is its own school of philosophy in the world of styling, and fashion icon Sarah knows its secrets. She picked P.O.P sunglasses with the charismatic  purple colour to match with her yellow-orange tone-on-tone outfit, portraying the art of colour matching in the most vivid and elfish manner.

The P.O.P series mounts on metal frames and temples with thin framelines, displaying a soothing modern retroness, and neatly contours the face of the wearer with the spot-on choice of colours.

IG: @hyokuwabara

The architecture of Tokyo are a fascinating visual inspiration to the roamer, and fashion blogger Hyo is one of them, as the architectural style seems to have become an important element influencing street fashion. Hyo wore a checkered shirt with APPLE-SVG sunglasses; while resonating the architectural style around him, his outfit serves as the ultimate expression of Tokyo’s street fashion.

The APPLE series is characterized by a rectangle half-frame design, with metal frames and hinge arms and a choice of multiple colours to your taste. Its unique square-shaped half-frame design modifies the face shape, embellishing the look into a very individual style, perfectly reflecting the style and attitude of the wearer.

The Newtro

The younger generation on the streets of Tokyo reinterpret old retro styles with fresh aesthetics and vision, perfectly combines the modern and the classic in a way that surfs spiritedly on the latest wave of fashion styling.The revival of the old and new is the soul of Tokyo street fashion. These fashionistas demonstrated that a good use of vintage elements such as retro colours, or retro-style sunglasses and accessories, opens the door to your very own newtro spirit.

IG: @ririririn_co

Fashion lover Ririko uses ROY-NB sunglasses to mold her original newtro style. The brown lenses laced together the red, green, blue, and white from her overall outfit, displaying an outstanding look.

The ROY series manifests with a flat oval frame design. The frame is light and thin with playful colours. The ROY series takes its place as the best retro accessory, whether it's for normal daily wear or street snaps.

IG: @gold_erika

Fashionista Erika uses COMIC I-SCG to create a peculiar personality and style, bringing us to an advanced level of newtro style’s interpretation.

The COMIC I series is based on an atypical flat frame design. Gradient colour lenses are hung on slim frames and rich coloured temples. The design of the glasses is enchant by its use of unique colours, which can further bring out the wearer's individuality.

IG: @_natchi

Fashion blogger Nachi stages herself on the streets of Tokyo and exudes a sentiment of retro casualness. The so-called Tokyo street fashion is about how different people express their own style. The COMIC II-SCSR sunglasses allows her to easily interpret the term "modern retro" in the most relaxed and original way.

The COMIC II series is formed with a triangular frame with gradient lenses. The elaborately designed colour scheme of this series is compatible with a range of different fashion styles, and the rare triangular frame design is bound to make you the focus of the crowd.