Nikon Vision Experience


Nikon Vision Experience provides a groundbreaking faster and more accurate eye examination. Our professional optometrists use Nikon's advanced technology and equipment in a unique six-step process to gather data about your lifestyle and the condition of your eyes. This information is used to quickly create an eye health profile and provide lens solutions tailored with care and precision to your needs.

Nikon Vision Experience

Experience the Nikon difference in six steps

STEP 1: Tell Us Your Lifestyle Unique lifestyle consultation will enable us understand your vision preferences
STEP 2: Examine Your Eye Health State-of-the art in 7 in 1 measurement solution screen your eye wellness in 90 seconds
STEP 3: Check Your Prescription Groundbreaking eye test with the best precision
STEP 4: Customized Lens Solution Personalized lens recommendation
STEP 5: Fitting Tailored to Your Style Use a dedicated software application to process within seconds the array of facial measurements required for fully tailored computation of your lenses
STEP 6: Experience Your Vision Try out your chosen lens solutions in different demo tools

The advanced optical technology of Nikon offers nanometric precision. Your wearer profile is sent to Japan for calculation to give superior results.


Our intuitive 7-in-1 measurement solution, the Wave Analyzer Medica 700+, is a rapid and fully automated system that conducts seven comprehensive eye wellness screenings in just 90 seconds, including aberrometry, refraction, keratometry, topography, pupillometry, tonometry and pachymetry. The system examines your internal ocular structure to detect any abnormalities and check for early signs of eye disease, providing a simplified screening complete with an eye wellness assessment and detailed measurements for vision solution recommendations.


A groundbreaking piece of refraction equipment, the VISION-RTM 800 optical module controls powers at 0.01 D and delivers continuous, simultaneous and instantaneous changes of sphere, cylinder and axis. This cutting-edge technology makes refraction more precise for a more comfortable eye examination experience.