Puyi Zeiss Optical Lab


We understand that everyone has their own specific vision needs. That’s why we have joined Zeiss to create the Puyi Zeiss Optical Lab, a fully comprehensive set of tests that can examine your entire vision spectrum.

With our professional optometrists and Zeiss’ cutting-edge equipment, we provide a completely inclusive examination process unique for your needs. The process measures your precise prescription and vision health data, as unique to you as a fingerprint, to help detect and prevent vision problems early and provide daily advice on maintaining healthy vision.

See how experience and technology work together to provide customised lens and prescription solutions and give you perfect vision.


Every eye is unique. At Puyi Optical, our understanding of this coupled with our associations with those on the cutting-edge of eyewear technology, has resulted in i.Scription.

Our continuing collaboration with Germany company Zeiss is more than just a partnership – it’s a long-term relationship that sees Puyi Optical benefit from the latest developments and innovations. Through its products, we are remapping modern eye technology.

i.Scription is the first step in the next generation of eye care. Standardised tests once considered the eye to be a smooth exterior, but modern technology has shown otherwise, with distinct mountains, valleys and plains along its curved surface.

Through i.Scription, we can now map the entire eye, almost like taking a fingerprint of your vision. We track over 1500 points on each individual eye to the smallest fraction, through retinal screenings, slit lamp, eye pressure, colour contrast, low-light testing and numerous other examinations.

The state-of-the-art data is then sent to Zeiss’ pioneering labs in Germany, with the results creating customised lenses that are four times more accurate than those produced by standard tests.

But most importantly, they are individually crafted with your vision in mind. Read on for more on i.Scription.


Our retinal screening offers a fully detailed analysis, with almost instantaneous results.

Retinal screening is essential for the prevention of early and diabetic retinopathy, as well as macular degeneration and glaucoma. Previous technologies took hours to prepare, with an invasive methodology that saw pupils dilated.

Our advanced retinal screening test takes only five minutes, offering in-depth diagnosis of your retina, crystals and optic nerve, with none of the setbacks or discomforts.


Our eye pressure test allows for a simple, effortless method to inspect for glaucoma. The eye pressure test is an easy, effective way of testing for glaucoma, with a small puff of air directed towards the eye, to measure for fluid pressure.


Our slit lamp exam presents a simple and effective method to test for dry eyes.

The slit lamp exam tests the surfaces around your eyes and under the lids, assessing for swollen or infected areas, alongside abnormal blood vessels.


We’re dedicated to discovering what makes your eyes unique, and the essential first-step is through communication. We welcome clients to come in for a one-on-one lens consultation, allowing them to experience the entire eye exam process while offering a comprehensive selection of lens products. We’re also open to questions, concerns and thoughts related to the process, so do get in touch.