Zeiss Vision Center By Puyi Optical

Zeiss Vision

The ZEISS VISION CENTER BY PUYI OPTICAL is a ground-breaking collaboration at the cutting-edge of vision technology - a full-service eye experience that sees Puyi Optical's highly-trained optometrists working alongside state-of-the-art ZEISS equipment.

Zeiss Vision Center

Our goal is to fully ensure eye health is kept at an optimal level, through the comprehensive range of assessments and examinations at the ZEISS VISION CENTER, we present a visionary focus that is inimitable.

Whether it's the wellbeing of your vision or the quality of your eyewear, we're dedicated to keeping eyes in prime health through thorough testing and the latest technologies.

Zeiss Vision Center Experience

The ZEISS VISION CENTER experience is a highly distinct concept, presenting a comprehensive approach to your individual vision needs.

The process is a multi-step affair that sees daily habits and vision requirements analysed by our experienced optometrists, through a thorough range methods that offer customers individualised solutions to their specific needs.

More than anything though, we want to ensure that it’s a comfortable process – an immersive experience that involves you in its methods. Read on for more details.

Zeiss Vision Center Experience


Optometric technology is at a pioneering place in the eyecare world. ZEISS VISION CENTER, offers a wide-ranging spectrum of screenings to ensure every eye-related need is addressed.

ZEISS Retinal Screening

Utilising the ZEISS VISUSCOUT 100 machine, our retinal screening presents near-instantaneous results for the identification of early and diabetic retinopathy, as well as macular degeneration and glaucoma.

The technology is non-invasive, offering a full diagnosis of crystals, retina and optic nerve in under five minutes, without the need to dilate the pupils. More importantly, it allows our optometrists to form a strong basis for your individual vision needs.

ZEISS Advanced Optical Coherence Tomography

With the ZEISS SPECTRAL DOMAIN OPTICAL COHERENCE TOMOGRAPHY (OCT), our team presents a non-invasive solution to diagnostic imaging, one that presents early detection for various fundus lesions such as early glaucoma, diabetic issues, retinopathy and macular degeneration.

High-resolution imaging offers a detailed analysis through cross-sectional ocular structures, with a simple and reliable system that utilises optical properties.

ZEISS Humphrey Visual Field Analysis

The ZEISS HUMPHREY FIELD ANALYZER 3 presents an advanced procedure that examines the entire spectrum of vision needs. It allows our team to determine the health of both the retina and optic nerves, to prevent any setbacks related to permanent visual field loss.

Through pioneering equipment, customers are presented with flashing lights and a range of vision-related tests, to fully evaluate the entire scope of sensitivity.

ZEISS Individual Eye Exam

Through the ZEISS I.PROFILER PLUS, individual exams and care consultations can offer a rounded assessment of your entire vision needs. Daily needs and habits are analysed and addressed, before being paired with our i.Scription technology to formulate the most precise lenses.

On a technical level, our exhaustive mapping technology can sample up to 1500 points on each eye, allowing for highly accurate measurements that can calculate and create an individualised prescription down to 1/100 th of a dioptre.

ZEISS Slit Lamp

The ZEISS Slit Lamp is a vital piece of equipment that identifies issues related to dry eyes. Ideal for those who wear contact lenses, use digital devices, stay in dry environments or have had refractive surgery, the slit lamp exam quickly and efficiently assesses any swollen or infected areas, alongside the possibility of abnormal blood vessels.

ZEISS Eye Pressure Test

Employing the ZEISS VISUPLAN 500, the eye pressure test offers a simple but incredibly effective screening for glaucoma. Removing the need for anaesthesia or physical contact, a small, almost imperceptible puff of air quickly and reliably checks for signs of potential glaucoma.


The VISUFIT 1000 utilises revolutionary centration technology, with nine different cameras that take pictures in a 180° angle around your head, generating 45 million points of information. Puyi Optical uses this information to create a 3D model of your face, thus allowing us to formulate very accurate measurements and optimise your lenses to match your visual needs and frame perfectly.


At the ZEISS VISION CENTER BY PUYI OPTICAL, expertise and efficiency define our team. We're dedicated to offering individualised assessments tailored specifically to our customers precise needs.

Our international team of optometrists utilise the world’s most advanced eye testing equipment, resulting in a complete and inclusive system of analysis. Meticulous reports on vision health and eye care information are presented through an easy and efficient illustrative system.

In addition to this, every member of our team has been recognised at the highest possible level by ZEISS: they have all trained at the company’s headquarters in Germany, are highly proficient in the operation of the pioneering machines and have been awarded certificates as ‘Zeiss Better Vision Experts’.

Our team is fully qualified and committed to present the finest possible guidance for eye care. But we’re also here to connect on a personal level, to engage in an unparalleled eye care experience.

Eye Exam Reservation

The ZEISS VISION CENTER BY PUYI OPTICAL is a ground-breaking system, a fully inclusive process of tests and examinations that presents a complete picture of your eyes. We welcome you to come in to experience the center. By making a reservation with one of our expert optometrists, you'll get to see the entire innovative system first-hand.