Exciting Summer Outdoor Activities

It’s summer! It’s time to visit the beach and catch the sunshine again. The most popular outdoor activities this summer are hiking, wakesurf and car camping. While having fun on mountain trails and in the waters, don’t forget to protect your eyes with a pair of stylish sunglasses. In this issue of «All About Vision», we will provide you with practical and important summer eye care tips you should take note of before getting ready for the exciting summer outdoor activities.


#1 Car Camping

Car camping is all the rage recently. You could enjoy a road trip with all the comforts of outdoor living in your car To get fully immersed in an exotic getaway experience in the wilderness, a pair of sunglasses would be handy-dandy when you’re traveling or camping.

#2 Wakesurf

Surfing is the best water sport in summer but it depends much on the weather conditions since only the wind could make waves. As wakesurf makes surfing possible on a windless day, it has gained mass appeal and become a major water activity in recent years. Riders could ride on the waves created by a speedboat and trail behind the boat. Nevertheless, don’t overlook the damage to your eyes caused by the ultraviolet rays reflected from the sea surface.

#3 Hiking

Hiking connects us with nature directly. With simple equipment you could stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, exercise your body and explore the beauty of nature. Remember to protect yourself from the sun completely when you are staying outdoor for a whole day.

The invisible hazard in summer

While having fun under the sun, apart from wearing anti-UV clothing and putting on sunscreen, remember to protect your eyes fully because the invisible UV rays can cause unexpected damage to your eyes. When you are in open areas, you are exposed to much more UV rays than you are in urban areas.

市區紫外線反射率:  約5%  
UV reflectance in an urban area: about 5%
UV reflection on the beach: 15% 
UV reflectance on the sea surface: 8%
UV reflectance on the sea wave: 25%

On the other hand, although the exposure to UV rays is relatively low when we are hiking, long-term exposure to UV rays can damage our eyes. Staying inside a vehicle is not any better either. The direct sunlight and the UV rays reflected from the ground would cause fatigue and discomfort to the eyes . They hurt our eyes and affect road safety too.

The damage of UV rays to us cannot be seen by our naked eyes. UV rays are divided into UV-A, UV-B and UV-C based on their wavelengths. Generally, the shorter the wavelength, the stronger the rays and the more damage they can cause.

市區紫外線反射率:  約5%  
315 to 400 nm wavelength
The main cause of tanned skin
280 to 320 nm wavelength
Cause damage to the eyes
100 to 280 nm wavelength
Absorbed by the ozone layer

Only 1-2 hours constant exposure to sunlight can cause damage to the eyes. The accumulation of UV rays can lead to acute conditions including keratitis. Symptoms such as eye pain, light sensitivity, eye redness, burning eyes, tearing would appear. If the situation gets worse, the damage can even cause corneal epithelial peeling or swelling , vision loss and blurred vision. In the long run, it may even lead to cataracts and macular degeneration. No matter if you are on a mountain trail or in the sea, always protect your eyes.

Anti-UV Sunglasses keynote 101

The simplest way to defend your eyes against UV rays is to wear the right pair of sunglasses. However, not all sunglasses could block UV rays effectively. Let’s learn more about how to choose the right pair of sunglasses.


UV400 is an important indicator that determines whether a pair of sunglasses could protect your eyes. It blocks all the harmful rays under 400 nm wavelength, which means that it could completely filter out the UV rays including the three types of wavelengths UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. When choosing a pair of sunglasses, check whether the term “100% UV Protection” or “UV400” are printed on the sticker or tag.

2. Lens Colour

It is a common misconception that lenses with colour could block UV rays. In fact, the lens colour has nothing to do with the level of protection. Wearing dark lenses that do not offer any UV protection is even worse. Although the dark lenses could reduce the amount of light and dim the brightness, they will dilate your pupils and allow more harmful UV rays entering the eyes, which hurts even more than not putting on any sunglasses! In terms of colour, choose one that is suitable for the occasion. For example, grey and brown lenses are good for hiking. These colours reduce the light absorbed by the eyes evenly while also maintaining a clear sight to enjoy the scenery of nature.

3. Prescription

Most sunglasses do not come with any prescription. If you have myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, pick a pair of sunglasses with a prescription. They will help you to maintain a clear vision and get rid of the eye fatigue caused by insufficient diopter and reduced brightness.

4. Frame Design

There are many professional sunglasses designed for a variety of outdoor activities. Apart from the lenses that provide 100% UV protection, the frame is also designed to cover more of the face to block the sunlight effectively from above and the sides. In addition, the frame is made of a special material that is light, anti-allergic and sturdy, allowing the sunglasses to offer comfort and clarity to users in the outdoors.

5. Lens for outdoor activities

Lenses are classified into single-tinted, bicolour-tinted, photochromic, polarized and mirror-coated lenses. For example, the gradient colour of bicolour-tinted lenses are suitable for driving as they reduce the contrast of brightness inside and outside the vehicle. As for polarized lenses, they are suitable for surfing as they block the glares reflected from the water surface. If you have to be exposed to intense sunlight for a long period of time, you can opt for a pair of sunglasses with a layer of mirror coating, which reflects more of the sunlight.

6. Professional Opinion

Professional optometrists can recommend a suitable UV-blocking solution to you according to your eye condition, so that you can be aware of the health condition of your eyes and the protection you need for outdoor activities. For those who are sensitive to light, you can test the sensitivity of your eyes to different kinds of light through the Lumiz 100 Light Sensitivity Exam, so that the best UV-blocking eye care solution could be proposed to you according to the test analysis.


After getting our eyes fully protected, why not catch up with the trend this summer and put on the most fashionable outdoor look?

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PUYI ZEISS Optical Lab

Photochromic lenses

Photochromic lenses can be said to be the most convenient kind of sunglasses among the others. They are transparent when indoor or surrounding is dark. When exposed to UV rays, the lenses to change to a darker hue. Such lenses serve you best when you are getting in and out of your vehicle during car camping. Current photochromic lenses could block 100% of UV rays and even filter out harmful blu-rays. The Nikon Transition GEN8 series offers a seamless adaptation to any lighting, providing perfect visual comfort indoors and outdoors, also plenty of tint selections. You can also choose ZEISS AdaptiveSUN solution, which is the upcoming lens in this season because its photochromic-graidant and photochromic-polarized lenses, which delivers full UV protection and for extreme light and glare protection.

Tinted lenses with a prescription

Whether you’re in your daily routine or taking part in outdoor activities, you will have a clear vision and full UV protection at any moment of your life. ZEISS Outdoor Lens Solution with 3 lines of their series ZEISS URBAN, ZEISS DRIVE and ZEISS ACTIVE are suitable for different occasions.


Fit for outdoor sports and maximize your performance. Provides 100% anti-UV protection, and can e used with wrapped frames. The exceptional slender lenses guard against the blazing sunlight and withstand extreme sports environments.


Designed for shielding the sunlight and the reflection from the ground surface and all kinds of light sources on the road.


Offers more than 50 tints of lenses to choose from, allowing you to stay in fashion and protect your eyes.

To be up for the summer sunshine, visit the PUYI OPTICAL stores in person and choose a pair of sunglasses with the most fashionable summer outdoor look. Our professional optometrist will provide you with the most suitable lenses that protect your eyes fully.