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A woman's sunglasses do more than protect her eyes and compliment her style – they share with the world a glimpse into her self-image. Whether she's a minimalist or a fashionista at heart, idealistic or worldly, show her you love her for exactly who she is with shades that celebrate her personality!


A lady in every sense, she knows herself and is expressive, but never extravagant. Her style leans towards clean, simple lines with an elegant harmony, and your gift should make an impression without overshadowing her personality – or her outfit.

Her superior taste is reflected in the bamboo- enamel stripes of Gucci GG0595S, while MOON from For Art’s Sake turns its distinctive gradient lens into a modestly chic accent. In Balenciaga BB0058SK’s butterfly face and Saint Laurent SL M48S_A/K’s cats-eye, she finds her own balance between classy and glamorous, retro and modern while the feminine chic pearl rim of Chloe’s CE114SPRL PEARL gives her extra room to accessorise.


Always on the cutting-edge of fashion, she loves to experiment with style and colour, and is not afraid to embrace her quirky side. She has an artistic soul that’s always on the lookout for accessories as special and unique as she is.

Give her look the drama she craves with Gucci GG0594SA’s mixed materials and lines, while a more slinky style statement awaits her in the flowing wires of The Owner’s MOBIUS. Every trendsetter loves an aviator lens, and in For Art’s Sake’s unique cats-eye aviator ACE, and Tom Ford’s squared butterfly aviator TF0738, she’ll find the unique twist that makes it her own.


She looks at the world with a sense of fresh wonder. To celebrate her sweet spirit and eternally youthful outlook, select eyewear with romantic details and dreamy colours.

To complement her rose-coloured lenses, Gucci GG0394S offers a sweet pink squared front. For Art’s Sake plays with pearls, hiding them just for her in the clamshell corners of GODDESS and on the asymmetrical tips of RASPBERRY, while Love 0 from The Owner hints at her youthful spirit in wavy temples with a pearl-shaped hinge. Nowhere is her wide-eyed optimism better reflected than in the outlined eyes of Chloe’s CE155S.


Her no-nonsense approach to the world makes her come across a bit tough, but don't let that fool you – the sophisticated modern woman is simply smart enough to see through it all. Bold looks with clean lines suit her outgoing nature perfectly.

Her outstanding personality will shine through in Public Beacon’s VESPER and For Art’s Sake’s BLUEBERRY, which both feature a modern twist on a classic look with subtle cut-through corners. Encourage her forward-thinking optimism with the futuristic flair of the angles of Gucci GG0437SA and Eque.M California Silver. In the bold retro profile of Balenciaga BB0056SA’s thick acetate frame, her own expressive nature finds form.

Like sunglasses, the gifts we give and receive often reflect our personalities. This year, show her how much you love her by showing her how well you know her with the perfect eyewear. Explore these models and more at!