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It’s a high-speed world.
Does your eyewear keep up?

From digital documents, social media and text messages, to the smiles of your loved ones – you don’t want to miss one single detail that matters to you!Puyi introduces the revolutionary lens product for digital age – ZEISS SmartLife Lenses. These lenses bring you a clear view and seamless switching between the digital device and physical spaces, and keep up with the lively and spontaneous world.

How is the digital lifestyle affecting our eyes?

Today’s highly digitalized lifestyle surrounds us with information that allows us to multitask and go mobile.

In the past, we focused on one thing for extended periods of time, keeping our eyes set at a single distance.

These days, we navigate the world as we check our phones and devices, constantly switching our attention between digital and physical spaces:

  • Our vision is more dynamic, moving between different dimensions and distances.
  • We frequently shift our focus.
  • Much more of our time is spent focusing on screens.
  • We experience more eyestrain and fatigue.







Watch how your focus changes on the go in this digital lifestyle

To keep up with trends and our daily life in the digital era, you need:

Clear and precise vision at different distances and dimensions.

All-day comfort with easy focus switching between digital and physical spaces

Seamless and consistent vision on the move

Innovative Eyewear Technology

Puyi is the first in the world to bring you ZEISS SmartLife Lenses, which incorporate innovative technologies and a cutting-edge concept to bring you effortlessly crystal clear vision wherever you view.

Smart Dynamic OpticsGroundbreaking

Optimised for fast, dynamic and frequent eye movements, these lenses are ideal for the modern connected lifestyle that most wearers enjoy.

Optimised for multiple distances and dimensions

Larger and clearer fields of view in all distances, especially over smartphone distances

All-day visual comfort for peak performance online, offline and on the go

Age IntelligenceGroundbreaking

Three criteria determine the perfect vision solution to the needs of different age groups.

Age-specific solutions

Visual challenges change with age, requiring different types of vision support

Changes in pupillary diameter

Pupils shrink as we age, becoming less responsive to changes in ambient lighting

Ability to focus

The ability to visually focus declines gradually with age

Thin Optics

Modern thickness optimisation algorithms create a careful balance between precise optics and aesthetically pleasing lenses.

Clear Optics

Each lens is precisely calculated with the highest accuracy point-by-point, optimised over 40,000 surface points over the complete lens surface, and produced with advanced freeform technology.

Highly Recommended

87% of

ZEISS SmartLife Lenses wearers report:

  • easy viewing in all directions
84% of

ZEISS SmartLife Lenses wearers report:

  • all-day visual comfort
  • improved balance between their regular and digital focus
*Consumer acceptance test, supervised by external institution, Aston Optometry School, UK, 2018, n= 121 (PAL n = 46; DIG n =39; SV n = 36);

Different ages
Same perfect experience


Alice | 24, Vlogger

SmartLife™ Single Vision Lenses wearer

“When I’m out shopping and dining, the camera always comes first, but if I focus too long on my smartphone, then my vision gets blurry when I look up, and I always miss out on amazing things around me. After switching to ZEISS SmartLife Lenses which recommended by Puyi’s optometrist, this doesn’t happen anymore, and my eyes aren’t as tired!”


Miguel | 38, Market Strategy Manager

SmartLife™ Digital Lenses wearer

“When I work, I need to be multitasking, so I’m always on top of what’s happening. My eyes are constantly on my smartphone, pad and documents, even when I’m on-the-move or meeting with clients. I’m used to my eyes getting dry and fatigued after a long day. Since I got a glasses from Puyi with ZEISS SmartLife Lenses, my eyes are sharp, even at dusk, and my work efficiency has improved!”


Steve | 57, CEO

SmartLife™ Progressive Lenses wearer

“My daughter used to make fun of me when we chatted on video calls, because I always narrowed my eyes in my reading glasses. She bought me a pair of ZEISS SmartLife Lenses from Puyi. Since I couldn’t adapt to progressive lenses before, I didn’t expect to get used to these in just one day. Now I have no problem seeing far or close, even on the smartphone!”

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In this digital world, you need lenses that facilitate dynamic and frequent focal changes for clear and precise vision.

Puyi introduces ZEISS’s innovative eye-care products to help you enjoy your digital lifestyle to the fullest and meet your age-specific vision challenges. With help from ZEISS’s state-of-the-art equipment and personalised customer service, you can explore the digital world and still catch every precious moment around you.

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Enjoy a truly personalised lens solution from our experienced optometrists

Available in:

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