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Anti-Epidemic Precautions
(Eye Examination Room)

  1. Fully disinfect the eye examination room every two hours (including optometry chairs, furniture and instruments).
  2. Air sanitizer has been installed in the eye examination room, which uses Hypochlorous Acid*, a food-grade sterilizing ingredient, to sterilize and purify the air.
  3. Carry out room disinfection before and after every inspection. The air is purified every ten minutes during the eye examination upon customer’s request.
  4. Before and after every eye examination, we use alcohol cotton to disinfect all the tools and instruments.
  5. The optometrist thoroughly washes their hands before the examination.
  6. Optometrists can wear a face shield during eye examination upon customer’s request.
  7. Regular COVID rapid tests for all staff.

* Certifications of the use of hypochlorous acid used by the air sanitizer:

  • FDA safety certification for hypochlorous acid
  • Report on the use of hypochlorous acid recommended by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
  • Hong Kong Productivity Council Recommended and Sterilization Certification