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Eyewear Fitting Service

For better vision and a comfortable eyewear experience, you obviously need a precise eye exam and high-quality lens products. It is also important, however, to ensure your eyewear is perfectly tailored to your specific needs. When you visit a Puyi Optical store to get your eyewear, our specialists will fine-tune your selection, making adjustments to meet your unique needs, for the clearest vision and most comfortable fit possible.

Comprehensive bespoke eyewear fitting service at Puyi Optical:

Step 1

Meticulous Inspection

When your lenses and frame are made, we will check them against your eye exam and measurement records to make absolutely sure they have been prepared according to your specific visual needs.

Step 2

Exacting Measurement

Your facial features will affect how the frame sits and thus also your comfort with the frame. Our specialists will precisely measure your facial features, using your lens diopter, features and frame size to make adjustments to your frame so it fits perfectly.

Step 4

Personalised Accessories

From nose pad covers to specially made temple end tips, we offer over a hundred different accessories and components to better fit your face shape, ear level, nose bridge, head width and other facial features, so your new eyewear fits you like a glove.

Step 5

Free Maintenance and Repair

If at any time your eyewear feels loose or uncomfortable to wear, you are always welcome to return to any Puyi Optical store for free maintenance services, including cleaning, adjustment, nose pad and nail repair, and replacement of parts.