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PUYI story

It started with a vision.

PUYI OPTICAL was founded in 2001 with an exceptional concept – to reimagine eyewear and vision care not as a simple, ordinary necessity, but as a sophisticated fashion accessory and prestigious experience.

For over 20 years, we built upon the customer-oriented idea, Puyi has focused on understanding the personality, interests and needs of every guest in order to create an outstanding personalised one-stop retail and optometry experience and ensure that every piece of eyewear we sell is treasured. In our pursuit of excellence in all areas, PUYI OPTICAL has extended this approach to the customer experience to all of the retail brands under our banner.

Cooperation offers opportunities for innovation.

  • Over the years, PUYI OPTICAL has worked with many renowned fashion and eyewear brands to create exclusive high-end collaborations that lean into our keen industry insight and professional expertise.
  • In partnership with many of these famous eyewear brands, we have operated standalone boutiques that bring the latest international trends closer to home, including shops for Gentle Monster from Korea, Linda Farrow from the UK and Lotos from Germany.

Years of understanding and insight into the world of high-end eyewear have come to fruition in the introduction of our house brands: Puyi Project, Puyi Line and Puyi Horn, all showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship and exquisite taste that is the Puyi hallmark.


Networks help us grow.

PUYI OPTICAL has a significant retail and wholesale presence in 28 major cities across Asia Pacific, including:

Hong Kong SAR | Macao SAR | Singapore | Beijing | Shanghai | Guangzhou | Shenzhen | Chengdu | Hangzhou | Chongqing | Wuhan | Xian | Nanjing | Changsha | Shenyang | Kunming | Dalian | Xiamen | Zhengzhou | Chengdu | Ningbo | Suzhou | Sanya | Taipei | Taichung | Tainan | Kaohsiung | Taoyuan

PUYI OPTICAL has 98 stores at prestigious locations throughout these cities, each offering you thoughtful and attentive service together with an unparalleled shopping experience.
This iconic service also extends to our presence online. At PUYI OPTICAL’s e-shop, you enjoy the same superior shopping, booking and customer services that you have come expect when you stop by to shop in person.

We foresee a brilliant future ahead of us.

PUYI OPTICAL committed to provide outstanding services and strive to always improve upon our success, we will continue to create high-quality eyewear products imbued with class and style.
We hope to celebrate many more wonderful anniversaries with you in the coming years.