20 Years with Puyi Optical :

A Global Pioneer Transforming Deluxe Eyewear Experiences

Founded in 2001 by our Group CEO Mr. Jeffery Yau, PUYI OPTICAL is a luxury multi-brand eyewear retailer in Hong Kong, established with a simple vision to perceive eyewear as an artistic expression of personal style and impeccable taste for luxury. With a profound understanding of the luxury eyewear market, covering 82 stores in 22 major cities across Greater China, and expanding in Asia as a reputable industry leader.

To commemorate this special moment, we have designed a celebratory concept video which showcases a calm, deep grey, allowing our new 3D rose gold “20” emblem to shine. The “20” emblem progresses in smooth and fluid motion, symbolizing PUYI OPTICAL’s ambition to constantly strive forward, as well as its outstanding track record in the past 20 years.

As the pioneer of premium eyewear retailing, PUYI OPTICAL has transformed eyewear from an ordinary necessity to a sophisticated fashion accessory in the past two decades.

CUSTOMERS are our foremost priority, we have brought eyewear and vision care retail experiences to new heights by offering prestigious and personalized one-stop eyewear experiences and products, full of passion and professionalism.


“2021 is an extremely significant year for PUYI OPTICAL – it symbolizes our unwavering commitment towards quality, craftsmanship and professionalism, and our vision and anticipation towards the premium eyewear industry. We are delighted to witness the historical transformation of eyewear, and we look forward to bringing both PUYI OPTICAL and the luxury eyewear industry’s potential to another record high.” says our founder & group CEO, Mr. Jeffery Yau.

With a range of fascinating projects ahead, we would like to extend a sincere invitation to you to explore more about us.