PUYI VIBES – Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine Vol. 3

PUYI STYLE | The 4 Spring /Summer 2021 Eyewear Trends to Know

In Spring 2021, fashion brands are experiencing a virtual makeover. BALENCIAGA staged its new collection on a virtual reality runway, demonstrating the aesthetics of Cyberpunk with oversized sunglasses, creating a dystopic ambience combining mechanical, high-tech futurism and doomsday melancholy.

VALENTINO has too begun to put focus on sunglasses in their latest collection. Fairy skirts with colourful round Aviators promised easy glamour and fairy-like spirit.

Reinvention on lenses: DIOR MEN added colour and patterns to the lenses to bring a richer visual shock to the overall look, firmly locking the eyes of the audience.

Classic gold-wire frames are also the darling of designers. At GUCCI, metal wire frames were paired with their Spring/Summer Collection, perfectly elaborating the brand’s retro aesthetics.

Oversized square frames, elegant round frames, retro gold-wires and patterned lenses: As long as you grasp the idea and shift among these four iconic frames styles, you can effortlessly generate distinctive and timeless looks. For instance, Kendall Jenner loves wearing a pair of round-framed sunglasses to pimp up her look. Her signature LA Spice-girl style is simple yet smart and fashionable.

Danish fashion celebrity Pernille Teisbaek matches a sleek leather jacket with a pair of oversized square sunglasses, bringing about a chic "tough girl" temperament.

PUYI VIBES gathers the latest spring and summer fashion trends and carefully picks four trending sunglasses types that are sought after by major fashion designers and celebrities this year, allowing you to stay at the top of the trend.

The Flirty Rims

Designers show the predilection of round-frames in recent collections, with dynamic streamlines to balance with the wearer’s facial profile, best for daring adventurers who are searching for an accessory to help express their unique personality. Even better, the curvature of the round frames is perfect for the delicate Asian features. So with a little bit of attention, it’s not hard to find a round frame that works best for you and you only. As it’s soon to celebrate PUYI OPTICAL’s 20th anniversary, the brand reinterprets the classic round frame aesthetics with its extraordinary craftsmanship and strict ingenuity, and is preparing to launch PUYI's 20th anniversary surprise co-branded sunglasses. Stay tuned.

Celebrity queens pioneering the oversized, round frame style with LINDA FARROW’s LFL1172. Supermodels Kendall Jenner and Alessandra Ambrosio's favorite sunglasses brand, blessing the look with ease. CHANEL’s round frames that haunts the corners of the eyes and eyebrows are a must-have for the intellectual lady. DIOR sunglasses EVERSIOR SU embody the unbridled and chic uniqueness of Parisian fashionistas. The soft rose gold frame in combination with the rosy sunset gradient of the lenses will transform you into a Parisian girl who yearns for sweet romance and freedom.

Equipped with Style

Whether it's sunglasses or optical glasses, if you want to look strong but still elegant, the oversized square frames are just right choice for you.

GENTLE MONSTER's FRIDA generates a powerful and attractive aura for you with a sense of mystery. Linda Farrow’s LFL1126 sunglasses adored by Hollywood actresses in the last century are fascinating in their designs. Low-key but wild at heart, with madness swirling in the mist of mysteriousness. The golden frame from DIOR GEMDIORO stands out with a touch of red on the temples. The beautifully balanced the colour ratio makes an exquisite work of art.

The Retro Dandy

Under the reviving retro trend, the classic rectangular frame is once again the centre of attention, especially with its rising popularity among young men. This frame style, once considered dull and clichéd, has been rediscovered by GUCCI and other fashion giants in recent years, becoming the most representative item in the “Geek-chic” style. If you want to discover another side of yourself, or to create a mature urban style, don’t miss out on this retro and gentlemanly frame!

Adapting the evergreen Wellington silhouette and reinterpreted with futurism, GENTLE MONSTER’s SOLEBI presents a laid-back yet extraordinary look. A must have for mysticism lovers.

The Mirror Tricks

Never get bored with the lenses. Apart from colours, designers are pushing the limit with the design, breaking our imagination with a variety of patterns and colour combinations. A greater range of personalities are about shine through those fabulously playful shades.

xVESSEL, fashion brand created by VanNess Wu, demonstrates artistic execution through their water dripping design. SHAKEN BUT NOT STIRRED subverts the aesthetics of sunglasses with modern art painting style.