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A fusion of modern design and evocative elegance

A fusion of modern design and evocative elegance distinguishes the bold, eclectic spirit of the new Gucci Eyewear collection which spans across different decades and inspirations to define a real sense of individuality and self expression. The Prefall Styles introduce polished textures and precious embellishments that reimagine the retro flair with intricate craft, either rendered through glazed striped motifs, hand polished surfaces or jeweled decorations of crystals and studs.

Enamel Stripes Frames

The Enamel Stripes frames are clearly anything but conventional, enriched as they are with colored stripe motifs on thin fork-shaped temples contrasting the generous front proportions.

Stylish Web

The subtle line between the classic and the contemporary is particularly visible in the Stylish Web designs, which drop a new rendition of the Gucci Web made with tortoiseshell, horn and mother of pearl tones pieces interlined with gold metal sections.

Avant Premier at Shanghai K11 O-O Shop

Puyi joined forces with Kering Eyewear to host the avant premier of Gucci's FW19 collection in Greater China, the first event of the season.

At the show, celebrities and famous personalities gathered at the Shanghai K11 O-O Shop to celebrate Gucci's bold and eclectic spirit amidst a splendid setting decorated in peacock green and silver mirrors, exquisitely accented by an exclusive floral pattern on the windows.