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2020: A new chapter into the exquisite frames

with ic! berlin, Puyi Line, Eque.M, and Linda Farrow

Puyi Optical has always been discovering globally the finest eyewear designs, and seeking the most surprising ways to tell stories of admirable crafters and their design philosophies behind the frames. As the year of 2020 approached, Puyi Optical continues its journey to discover the collections surrounding ic! Berlin’s German craftsmanship, Puyi Line’s trendsetting designs, Eque.M’s craftsman spirit and Linda Farrow’s vintage comebacks.

ic! Berlin

The German brand that specialises the most forward, neat, and solely handmade eyewear from Berlin, has gained its fame out of its mastery use of screwless designs and ultra-light stainless steel.

This year, ic! Berlin collaborated with Puyi Optical to launch the four minimalistic yet stylish collections: Fen Feng, Sue R., Toru N. and Herr. Based on ic! Berlin’s iconic design, the glasses were crafted with ultra-thin 0.5mm steel, combined with signature patent screwless-hinge. It is also made to Asian fit to amplify the weightless, tight-fitting experience.

Even for Fen Feng’s acetate frames, one of the highlighted collections, has equally withheld the lightweight quality. To pay tribute to their first collaboration, the eyewears’ temples have sealed both brands’ names with Puyi‘s 1881 Heritage flagship store icon on top.

Puyi Line

As Puyi Optical’s own pioneering brand, Puyi Line has made its way into designing stylish and delicate eyewear through adapting bold ideas, contemporary aesthetics and the co-development of new technologies with the legendary Japanese brand 999.9.

In 2020, Puyi Line will be releasing three Asian-fit collections: PL103, PL204 AND PL205. In PL103, it is made with light, allergy-free titanium design, adhered with the classic Wellington Frame, tinted with a youthful twist on the bridge. While both PL204 and PL205 have a playful twist with a touch of semi-translucent epoxy on the hinge. The use of transparent acetate combined with a solid grey epoxy on the hinge for the Crystal colour palette, has also accentuated the energy of modern eyewear fashion.


The well-loved Japanese eyewear designer, Eque.M, has embraced both Californian culture from his upbringing in the states, and traditional Japanese craftsmanship. He insisted on designing and making eyewear in Fukui’s Sabae, the cradle of handmade glasses in Japan.

His latest 2020 SS collection, ‘Water Drop’, is inspired by a water drop’s fluid change of state. The carvings on the arms and temples have illustrated the patterns when water drops on a surface, and adding on top a Crown Panto frame design with the choice of light titanium material. The collection has fully manifested the neat and ingenious artistry of traditional Japanese culture.

Linda Farrow

Established in 1970, Linda Farrow is one of the major trendsetters that has transformed sunglasses to fashionable accessories. It is no doubt that Linda Farrow has built countless innovative designs as well as timeless, classic work. Exclusively presented by Puyi, Linda Farrow pays tribute to designs from the 70’s in its latest 2020 SS collection.

They hand-picked and sourced Japanese titanium, Italian acetate, and 22K gold coatings to create the luxurious LFL983, LFL1044 and LFL1014. LFL983 reworked the classic oversized circular frames to bring out its stylish and retro aesthetics, LFL1044 adapted the timeless pear-shaped frames to echo its curvy, feminine design; while LFL1014 combined a double-bridge design with the classic aviator frames to bring out the subtle yet historical art-deco style. The collection has perfectly displayed the depth of classic reworks the brand is able to create at modern times.