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Since 1917, Nikon has been one of the most trusted names in optical technology around the world. Among other innovative advances, the company introduced the first 1.74 ultra-high index lens, as well as the first blue light-filtering lens on the market, SeeCoat Blue. The outstanding performance of its products, even in extreme conditions, has made Nikon a legend in the field.
Puyi is the exclusive provider of a number of advanced Nikon products, including the thin Kateo lens that minimises distortion for crystal clear vision, and the AI Series lens, calculated and optimized by AI Optical Design Engine which is an extremely powerful calculator that used to craft lenses to the customer’s needs, for sharper and more natural vision.
Puyi and Nikon have worked together to enhance eye examination experience using advanced WAM700+ and Vision-R800™ refraction equipment. First introduced in 2019, this groundbreaking approach features a unique six-step process that gathers data in just 15 minutes to provide a precise, tailored lens solutions and eye wellness screening.


Our intuitive 7-in-1 measurement solution, the Wave Analyzer Medica 700+, is a rapid and fully automated system that conducts seven comprehensive eye wellness screenings in just 90 seconds, including aberrometry, refraction, keratometry, topography, pupillometry, tonometry and pachymetry. The system examines your internal ocular structure to detect any abnormalities and check for early signs of eye disease, providing a simplified screening complete with an eye wellness assessment and detailed measurements for vision solution recommendations.


A groundbreaking piece of refraction equipment, the VISION-R800™ optical module controls powers at 0.01 D and delivers continuous, simultaneous and instantaneous changes of sphere, cylinder and axis. This cutting-edge technology makes refraction more precise for a more comfortable eye examination experience.

As this partnership moves forward, new opportunities to innovate arise, particularly through the use of Nikon’s cutting-edge technology to develop enhanced services and products exclusively for Puyi customers.