All about vision
All about vision

Contact lenses are popular because they improve your vision without affecting your appearance, making it easier to offer unobstructed views while engaging in outdoor activities and driving.

Do you know anything about the following myths of wearing contact lenses?

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A : 隱形眼鏡戴太久的確會引起角膜缺氧,令眼球表面浮腫,眼球弧度因而改變,出現角膜血管增生, 變得更難佩戴隱形眼鏡,嚴重的甚至會出現雙眼紅腫和視力模糊。

TIP: 每日不應佩戴隱形眼鏡超過8小時,假若有需要佩戴8-10小時,需要選擇高透氣的隱形眼鏡,如有任何不適就應該儘快接受眼睛檢查。


A : 含水量愈高的隱形眼鏡,感覺自然相對較為舒適。不過如果本身有眼睛乾澀的情況,就不應選擇含水量高的隱形眼鏡,因為這些鏡片也會從眼睛吸走水份,更快出現眼乾。另外, 針對容易眼乾隱又佩戴時長間長的隱形眼鏡用家,亦可以挑選市面上較優質的高透氣兼有鎖水配方的隱形眼鏡,詳細應先接受眼睛檢查了解自己的情況。

Q : 戴隱形眼鏡也有禁忌?

A: 患有特定視力問題、嚴重眼睛過敏、乾眼症、眼部疾病或發炎;長時間暴露於大量灰塵、污垢、煙霧中及極度乾燥環境下都不適宜戴隱形眼鏡。此外,洗澡及睡覺期間亦不應佩戴。孕婦則需留意懷孕期間可能有眼乾,度數和角膜弧度出現短暫改變的情況,佩隱形眼鏡前建議先向視光師或醫生徵詢意見及做眼睛檢查會較好。



TIP: 清洗隱形眼鏡時不應用清水,如隱形眼鏡接觸到水,應消毒或直接扔掉。


A:如果想戴有色隱形眼鏡,就要避免選擇色料印在外層的劣質鏡片,因為這類鏡片會造成摩擦和過敏,甚至令角膜上皮細胞脫落。優質的有色隱形眼鏡會將色料夾在鏡片中間,讓眼睛不會直接接觸到色料。切忌在網上購買來歷不明、未經FDA 認證的美瞳產品。


A : 一般來說,做完LASIK或SMILE激光矯視後一個月才佩戴隱形眼鏡是安全的。不過因為角膜在接受了激光矯視手術後,中央4-6MM的部份會變得平坦,弧度會出現變化,一般的軟性隱形眼鏡或會較難貼合,也比較不穩,容易感到不適,所以理想做法是重新做眼睛檢查找出合適的鏡片。

Q: Is it true that a person can only wear contact lenses for 10 years?

A: False! There is no deadline on how long you use contact lenses. It is true, however, that improper wearing and aging can both make it more difficult to wear contacts, due to a decrease in tear production that can cause dry eyes, corneal hypoxia or vascular hyperplasia.

💡 If you want to keep wearing contact lenses, you need to pay attention to the health of your corneas, get regular check-ups, and keep your eyes moist and healthy.

Q: Does long-time use of contact lenses cut off oxygen to the cornea?

A: Yes, wearing contact lenses for too long will indeed cause hypoxia of the cornea, resulting in swelling of the eye’s surface and changes in its shape, as well as corneal irritation, making it more difficult to wear contact lenses. In severe cases, it may even cause eye redness and blurred vision.

💡 Suggested NOT wearing contact lenses for more than 8 hours a day. If you really need to do so, we suggest you to choose highly breathable contact lenses. If you have any discomfort, please have your eyes examined as soon as possible.

Q: Is it better to select contact lenses with a higher water content?

A: It depends. Contact lenses with high water content naturally make you feel more comfortable. However, you should avoid them if you have dry eyes because it would draw moisture from your eyes and dry your eyes out quick.

💡 Contact lenses wearers who are prone to dry eyes or wear their contacts lens for a long period of time should choose more breathable lenses and in hydrogel formula.

Q : Are there any restrictions of using contact lenses?

A: Contact lenses aren’t suitable for people with specific vision problems, severe allergies that affect the eye, severe dry eye, eye disease or inflammation, or if you are in prolonged exposure to large amounts of dust, dirt, fumes and extreme dryness. You should not wear contact lenses during sleeping or shower. Pregnant women may have dry eye and temporary changes of corneas.

💡 Get consultation by our optometrists and have an eye examination before wearing contact lenses.


A: Yes. Water contains bacteria no matter it comes from the tap, swimming pool or the sea. Soft contact lenses have a high risk of bacterial or microbial contamination due to the hydrocolloid material. It would then increase the risk of eye infection. If you need to wear contact lenses during swimming, you may wear goggles and use disposable daily lenses to reduce the risk of infection. Replacing with a new pair of contact lenses after swimming is recommended.

💡 Regular water should not be used to clean contact lenses. You should sanitize or throw away the contact lenses if it contacts with water.

Q: Will coloured contact lenses damage the cornea?

A: It depends. If you want to wear colored contact lenses, please avoid choosing inferior lenses with pigments printed on the outer layer because it would cause friction and an allergic reaction and corneal epithelial cells may even fall off. High-quality colored contact lenses have the pigment sandwiched between layers so it does not come into direct contact with the eye.

💡 We suggest not buying contact lenses from unknown online sources or sources that aren’t FDA approved.

Q: Can I still wear coloured contact lenses after LASIK or SMILE surgery?

A: Generally speaking, it’s safe to wear contacts against one month after LASIK or SMILE. However, LASIK reshapes the cornea, flattening the centre 4-6 mm and changing the overall curvature. Ordinary soft contact lenses may no longer fit well or remain comfortably in place.

💡 An eye exam can help you find the right new lens.


Breaking Down Common Myths & Practical Tips for Contact Lens Use_3Breaking Down Common Myths & Practical Tips for Contact Lens Use_3
Wearing Contacts
All The Time
  • 365 days a year
  • More than 8 hours a day
  • While sleeping
  • When your eyes feel discomfort
Breaking Down Common Myths & Practical Tips for Contact Lens Use_4Breaking Down Common Myths & Practical Tips for Contact Lens Use_4
Wearing Contacts
  • While bathing, in hot springs and playing water sports
  • While riding a bicycle, motorcycle or during a long flight
  • Using computer for long periods of time
Breaking Down Common Myths & Practical Tips for Contact Lens Use_5Breaking Down Common Myths & Practical Tips for Contact Lens Use_5
Wearing Contacts
Without Care
  • Purchase without an eye exam
  • Purchase from unreliable online vendors
  • Wearing expired contact lenses or using expired contact lens solution
  • Frequently rubbing your eyes


Regular Examinations
  • Get a professional eye examination every year
  • Check for the degree, curvature, tears and intraocular pressure to find the best contact lenses for your needs
Moderate Use
  • Suggested to wear contact lenses LESS than 8 hours a day
  • Refrain from wearing contact lenses and using optical lenses at least 1–2 days a week instead

Pay Attention to Hygiene
  • Wash your hands before inserting or removing your contact lenses
  • Replace your lens case monthly and clean it frequently
  • Use up the contact lens solution within 1 month or replace a new one after opening for 1 month
  • Following the instruction to replace extended wear contact lenses every 8-12 months

Be Cautious
  • Do not buy unreliable lens products online
  • Parents should supervise or assist children in using their contact lenses



When you wear contact lenses, you should have a clear vision and feel comfortable. However, if you feel your eyes are dry, contact lenses are easy to fall out, your vision is blurred or feeling sensitive to lights, you should get a professional eye exam as soon as possible.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as Slit Lamp, ZEISS VISUSCOUT®100 and ZEISS i.Profiler®plus, Puyi Optical can effectively assess your eye health, perform precise and detailed analysis, and provide lens consultation and eye care advice for those who regularly wear contact lenses or have undergone corrective surgery.

Guard your eye health with regular checkups. To know more about our eye exam services, please contact our client specialist.